Winter Wet Basement Troubles


The upcoming winter season doesn’t mean an end to your wet basement troubles. Don’t let a flooded basement ruin your holiday season. Take care of any ongoing water issues now by calling on the A-team at A-Proseal for foundation repair in DuPage County, IL, as well as other forms of basement waterproofing.

Don’t be fooled by the colder temperatures and lack of heavy rain. Flooding happens year-around, so if you’re noticing water issues, now is the time to have them inspected and fixed.  Basement water issues are the result of moisture issues, not rain. So even when you aren’t experiencing regular rainstorms, your basement can still have moisture issues.

To understand the primary reasons why your basement might have moisture and water issues this winter, here’s a list of common causes.

  1. Melting Snow and Radiant Heat – While it may be below freezing outside, the temperature in your basement is significantly warmer. The heat radiated from your finished or unfinished basement causes frozen soil and snow to melt, thus creating moisture. As the snow melts around your basement, moisture builds up and is trapped between the frozen soil and your basement walls and floor.
  1. Hydrostatic Pressure – Hydrostatic pressure is a fancy term that explains the downward pull on gravity and is a common culprit in leaky basements. As frozen soil and snow melt due to radiant heat, hydrostatic pressure pushes down on that trapped moisture.
  1. Cracked Foundation – Water most commonly enters your basement through cracks in the walls and floor. When moisture accumulates outside between the soil and the walls, pressure pushes down on that moisture. As the pressure builds, moisture is pushed through cracks in your walls and floors, resulting in a wet basement.