Waterproofing with a Sump Pump

Does your basement take on water in the winter or after an especially heavy rainfall? Whether your basement is finished and used as living space, or is unfinished and primarily used as storage, a dry basement is important.

Waterproofing is an easy and effective way to ensure your home is free of water and the damage it leaves behind. So what’s the best solution to ensuring there’s no water accumulation in your basement? The answer is a sump pump.

Sump pumps are used when basement flooding happens regularly and to solve dampness where the water table is above the foundation of a home.  A sump pump is a small pump installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Its job is to help keep the area dry and to prevent it from flooding. Pumps are submersible electric pumps that sit in a hole in the lowest corner of the basement or crawlspace. In the event of a flood, the water will drain directly into the pit. Once the water reaches a predetermined level, the pump automatically kicks on and pumps the water into an indoor drain or outdoors to a storm drain.

Without a working sump pump, basements can become severely flooded, resulting in damage to drywall, flooring, furniture, appliances, or stored items. Even without flood conditions, sump pumps reduce the dampness that can lead to mold and mildew.

For sump pump service in Illinois, including sump pump repairs and battery backup, call on the experienced team at A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing. We’re happy to come out and inspect your home and offer a free service estimate.