The Importance of Sump Pump Discharge Lines

When it comes to wet basements, sump pumps are a lifesaver. When it’s working properly, a sump pump keeps all of that irritating water that always seems to find a way indoors, contained, ensuring your basement doesn’t flood. Should your sump pump stop working, your basement will start taking on water pretty quickly.

Obviously, what happens on the outside of your basement’s foundation has a major impact on the water that leaks inside. For that reason, it’s so important to keep water away from your foundation. If water can’t reach your foundation walls, it can’t flood your basement. It’s as simple as that.

So, how do you prevent water in your yard from leaking into your basement? Sump pump discharge lines are the answer.  Instead of letting water accumulate on your lawn from fast moving storms or puddles from gutters and downspouts, ensure fast removal with sump pump discharge lines. They will remove any standing water in your yard quickly and efficiently. By installing discharge lines, you’ll pump this water away from your home before it can cause problems with your foundation. No standing water near your foundation means a dry basement.

A sump pump without proper discharge lines isn’t fixing the problem – it’s just putting a band aid on it. Even with the sump pump removing the water, the water seeping through cracks in your foundation is causing damage to your home. Stop the problem from the outside by preventing water from getting too close to the foundation. Contact us today to learn how sump pump discharge lines and waterproofing exterior foundation walls will benefit your home.