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Limited Time Only – Save 10% on Waterproofing Services

Is your once large enough home starting to feel tight and cramped? Do you feel like everyone is living on top of one another? Do the kids seem to be accumulating more and more stuff that’s spilling over into every room in the house? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider expanding your living space – and the answer may be right under your feet!

While an expansion would be nice, that can be a costly and lengthy process. The basement, however, is often an easier and more cost effective option. Basements hold endless possibilities, with a wealth of extra living space just waiting to be transformed.

Before you start you’ll want to take care of any wet basement troubles. Waterproofing contractors in Illinois can perform a thorough inspection, pinpointing the problem areas and properly waterproofing the basement and exterior walls of your home.  As a special offer, A-Proseal is currently offering 10% off when you spend $500 or $50 off of any cracked foundation repairs. Waterproofing and remodeling can get pricey, so it’s great to save money when you can!

Once that’s complete and you’ve got a dry basement, your imagination is the limit when it comes to design. Need help deciding the best use of your basement space? Here are some popular basement refinishing trends:
Playroom for the Kids – No more toys in every room of the house!
Home Office – Find a little peace, quiet and separation while trying to get your work done.
Extra Bedroom – Whether your kids are tired of sharing a room or you need space for overnight guests, the basement is ideal and will add extra value to your home.
Family Room – Give dad his own space to watch sports or the kids a movie room to enjoy with friends.
Extra storage space – It might not be the most glamorous usage, but it does allow you room to neatly organize your belongings.

Transform Your Basement into a Guest Bedroom

Do you have lots of out of town family and friends that love to come to your house for long weekend stays and extended holiday visits? If your house becomes a bed and breakfast on a regular basis then it’s probably a good idea to start considering a separate guest space that will give them the privacy they will enjoy, while giving you back some personal space as well.

Your unfinished basement is the perfect option for a guest bedroom. No longer will your friends and family be bunking in the spare bedroom between your master suite and the kid’s bedrooms. Your basement is an underused space that isn’t living up to its fullest potential.

If you’re thinking of turning your basement into an extra bedroom, these tips and tricks can help.

Waterproof Your Basement – Before you start construction and invest your time and money, be sure your basement is dry with the help from waterproofing contractors in Illinois.

Make It An Inviting Space – To make sure a basement bedroom doesn’t feel like an afterthought choose the furnishings as carefully as you would for upstairs rooms, including beautiful bedding, artwork, and plenty of lighting.

Brighten it Up – Natural light can be minimal in a basement, so be sure to brighten up the space with good overhead lighting, including recessed lighting, spotlights, and decorative lamps.

Choose Moisture-Resistant Flooring – Engineered wood is a good option for basements because it shrinks and expands less than solid wood flooring. Engineered wood can be installed over many kinds of subfloors and resists moisture and spills.

Your renovated guest suite will make for a beautiful, warm and cozy retreat and will have your guests asking to move in!