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Four Causes of Foundation Cracks

The foundation of your home is THE most important part of your dwelling. Without it, there is no home. Your entire house sits on top of it! A good foundation must be strong as well as durable in order to support your home for a very long time.

Whether your home is a few months old, years old, or decades old, minor cracks are to be expected as the home settles and the ground underneath shifts. However, cracks to your home’s foundation are not to be overlooked. It’s important to have a professional check out the problem to determine if the cracks are surface blemishes or a larger problem. Gaping cracks, separation and horizontal crack lines can be signs that the issues are more severe then surface problems.

Below we’ll talk about some of the most common causes of cracking that effect your home’s stability.

Water: Water pressure is one of the most common causes for cracking and bowing concrete. It can push upwards, or push laterally against a wall, especially in colder climates. Once it’s cracked, it can begin to move with changes in the seasons.

Roots: Trees and some bushes can grow roots that exert huge pressures on foundation walls, whether it’s a crawlspace or basement.

Age: Time breaks down just about everything, including your foundation walls. Settling, shifting, expansive soils and outside pressures can cut into its longevity.

Deterioration: People expect their roof to need replacing or to re-side their home, but they often don’t think about their home’s foundation. The coatings put on the walls can break down over time, allowing water to come in contact with the concrete. Once that happens, the water begins to affect the strength of the concrete.

All of these signs of deterioration, which leads to cracking, can and will overtime allow water to enter your home. For foundation repair in Illinios, our top quality waterproof sealer provides a full sealing for your foundation. Contact us today to request an estimate for our exterior foundation wall repair services.