Window Well Repair

While basement design can vary by location, most basements contain a special window well. These features allow light and air to flow into the basement. Despite their benefits, they are a common location for water to accumulate. By undergoing a window well repair in Island Lake, Illinois, you will keep the drains on these features clear, keeping water from entering your basement as a result. The team at A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing is available to take on our window well waterproofing services for homes of all sizes. Turn to our staff today to learn more about our service options.

Window Well Waterproofing for Your Setups

In many basements, window wells are a common place for water to gather. Whether a strong storm rolled through or you have erosion issues on your property, water tends to flow into these wells. If enough water accumulates in the well, it will start to come through the window and into your basement.

Prevent flooding problems from impacting your basement by turning to our team for assistance. Many homes do not contain well drains or have drains that suffer with frequent clogs and other issues. By turning to us for your window well installation or repair, you will keep these features clear and functional throughout every season. Our staff works hard to deliver a top quality result for each of your service needs. We are happy to speak with you about your options so that you can make an informed decision before you start your work.

Augment Flood Protection with a Window Well Installation

No one wants to deal with a leak in his or her basement. While waterproofing services are often effective in flood prevention, many homeowners choose to augment their services with additional fixtures and features. We offer a variety of different options for your jobs, including pumps with battery backups. Simply turn to us to improve the functionality of your system to keep your home dry during every season.

Every Aspect of Your Window Well Repair

Are your well drains getting clogged on a frequent basis? As part of our window well repair, we will clean your setup and replace the existing clay pipe with perforated pipes. These new pipes are designed to prevent flooding from occurring over the window. In some cases we will have to connect the well to a closer sump pump for the right connection.

Contact us to schedule your window well repair with our team. We are available to perform window well waterproofing services throughout Northbrook, Skokie, Highland Park, Glenview, Chicagoland, and Island Lake, Illinois.