Drain Tile Repair

Don’t let water damage leave your resident uninhabitable. If you are dealing with the effects of leaks, using a drain tile system can help you take care of excess water before it can lead to further problems. With a drain tile repair or installation in Island Lake, Illinois, you will stay one step ahead of the issue. The team at A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing proudly offers this solution for homeowners throughout the region. Turn to us today to set up a service at your location.

How Does a Drain Tile System Help?

No matter what size your home is, it is only natural for water to attempt to seep into the basement. Even newer homes constructed in the last few years will experience the threat of water damage over time. Excess water underground will naturally search for a way in. From large holes to small, unnoticed cracks in the basement, the water will enter your home in a variety of different places.

What can you do to prevent water damage? By completing a drain tile installation in your space, you will give the water a better place to go. While this job is most effective when it is completed after the footer of a new house is built, it still proves as a good option for existing structures.

Whether you require an installation or repair for your drain tile system, we have your needs covered. Our contractors perform a full series of services at a price that fits every budget.

Completing the Drain Tile Installation

For more than 20 years, our professionals have worked with clients for their drain tile system needs. Our goal is to complete your waterproofing services to the highest standard each time, no matter how complex the job is. When you meet with us for your services, you can trust us to deliver a top quality result.

Once it is installed, your basement drain tile will direct water from the back of the basement walls to your sump pump. Your walls will then be dry, while your foundation will remain free from moisture.

Contact us to request a quote for your drain tile repair or installation services. We offer drain tile system solutions throughout Northbrook, Skokie, Highland Park, Glenview, Chicagoland, and Island Lake, Illinois.