What to Do About Water in Your Crawl Space

Fix Your Crawl Space Issues with Help from our Waterproofing Contractors in Illinois

Water in your home’s crawl space can be incredibly irritating, and if left alone long enough, a considerable amount of mold can form. Fortunately, our waterproofing contractors in Illinois can help repair your crawl space before any significant expenses are required.

The first step in diagnosing your crawl space issues is to determine the source of the water. Your waterproofing contractors in Illinois will assess your living conditions and determine if your home is above or below grade. If your home is below grade, it is safe to assume that your crawl space is in a permanently wet area, which only gets worse after a heavy rain. If this seems to be the issue you are experiencing, it is likely that the water is coming up from the ground into your crawlspace.

If your home is above grade, the water in your crawl space may be attributed to a plumbing issue. If the amount of water in your crawl space changes based on the amount used in your home, it may be time to call your local waterproofing contractors in Illinois.

One major concern with water in your crawl space is that mold can quickly develop in the area. Water along with the lack of light is the perfect breeding ground, and you can find yourself with costly repairs down the line if left unchecked.

If you are noticing water in your crawl space, contact your local waterproofing contractors in Illinois right away. They will help you diagnose any concerns you have and repair any damage promptly. Many companies will fix the problem through a variety of different solutions, depending on how the water is getting into your space.

For those who live in generally wet conditions, the urgency of solving these issues is high. Though water can sit in your home for years without having any adverse effects, the long-term damage this stagnant water can do to the home’s foundation is severe. We advise you to contact your waterproofing contractors in Illinois as soon as you can to ensure these issues are resolved, and any unnecessary damage is prevented.