What Causes a Wet Basement and How can it Be Fixed?

How Our Cracked Foundation Repair Services can Benefit Your Home

Basements offer a variety of uses for many homeowners, from generic storage to additional living space. Unfortunately, not every home is blessed with a perfectly dry basement, even after it has been finished. Dampness and flooding can ruin whatever contents are being held in a basement, from essential documents to sofas, TVs, and other items. Fortunately, A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing provides exceptional cracked foundation repair for homes in Island Lake, IL.

What Causes a Wet Basement?

A wet basement is a result of many different causes. Depending on the ground level and if proper grading, gutters, and downspouts are installed, rain and groundwater can be a contributing factor. If your basement is unfinished, you may find that any time it rains a puddle starts to form. This could mean that you’re in need of cracked foundation repair, as water is quickly finding its way into your home.

Interior moisture sources can also cause damp and wet basements. If you have a finished basement, the amount of moisture produced by day to day activities can begin to accumulate. Humidifiers, an unvented dryer, showers, and cooking can all contribute to excess moisture. Poor ventilation, in general, is also a common cause, mainly through the use of basement windows during humid weather.

How Can a Wet Basement be Fixed?

Fortunately, homeowners do not have to live with a wet basement forever. A-Proseal provides exceptional cracked foundation repair and other waterproofing services to direct water and moisture out of your home for good.

Not only will cracked foundation repair help save your basement from damage, but it can also save your home overall. Cracked foundations can lead to a slew of long-term and costly issues, but having a professional come in and restore your home’s foundation can save you money and ensure your house will last a lifetime. No matter the cause of your wet basement, A-Proseal is here to restore your home to a safe, moisture-free space.

If you think your home is in need of cracked foundation repair, call A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing today at (847) 525-7394. Our experienced professional team will work to quickly and adequately resolve any issue you’re having with your home so you can focus more on enjoying your basement than dreading it.