Prevent Basement Window Wells from Flooding

If you have a basement that’s almost completely underground, even a small basement window is a bonus. First, it allows at least some natural light in. Though it’s not usually enough light to completely illuminate the space, it does prevent the basement from feeling like a dungeon. Second, windows allow for ventilation in the basement, helping to prevent that stuffy, musty smell that is common in basements.

While basement windows serve two valuable purposes, there can sometimes be a downside. Windows are a breach in the foundation wall, meaning if the window wells are flooding, water can end up in your basement.

So, how do you prevent window well water issues? The first step starts with proper installation. You should install a good, quality window that’s sized properly, bolted securely to the foundation wall and features a drain that carries water into a drain tile system or outside.

One of the many reasons for window well flooding is liner failure. Should the liner become detached from the foundation wall, soil pressure can widen the gap between the loose liner and the wall and force water into the well when the soil becomes over saturated.

However, the most common reason for window well flooding is a clogged drain. Debris such as leaves, soil or landscaping will cause the drain to run slowly or not at all, flooding the wall and increasing the chances for water to seep into the basement around the window seams and foundation creaks.

Should you experience window well flooding issues, contact A-Proseal basement waterproofing in Cook County, IL. Get the issue resolved quickly to avoid damage to your home’s foundation wall, as well as to your basement’s contents.