Prevent Basement Flooding with Creative Landscaping

Have you ever stopped to consider that your soggy basement troubles might actually be because of your lawn? The landscaping and what surrounds your house can often be just as important as the structure itself when it comes to keeping runoff and rain water out of your house; because while most problems are caused by poorly sealed foundations, basement flooding is directly related to landscaping and water routing issues too.

Take advantage of water damage precautions utilizing landscaping to protect your home. Be ready for the next landscaping season with a few tips on what you can do to your landscaping to prevent flooding.

 Grade Your Lawn: If the yard around your home grades or slopes toward the house instead of away from it, you are at risk of basement flooding. To avoid incoming water, the ground should always slope away from your home in all direction surrounding your perimeter.

Redirect Downspouts: Keep gutters free of debris and position downspouts away from the foundation, preferably by at least 3 feet.

Leave A Gap: When you are adding mulch to your landscaping, be sure to leave a six inch gap between the mulch and the siding on your house. Mulch is typically porous and will soak up moisture, so you don’t want it touching your siding or rotting your home’s exterior.

Grass Barrier: An effective barrier for excess rain is grass. This method leads water away from trouble spots and relieves hydrostatic pressure that may have originated deep within your yard.

Next time it rains, get outside to see how your exterior is holding up. Even if your basement doesn’t typically flood, oversaturated soil can cause flooding, and you never want standing water pooling near your house. For expert help figuring out where your water problems lie, as well as foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Cook County, IL, contact A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing today.