Don’t Replace Your Concrete; Raise It with our Concrete Services in Illinois

If you have a sinking slab of concrete on your property, your first thought may be to replace it with something brand new. A-Proseal is here to help you save it! Raising concrete can be more cost-effective than completely replacing the slab, and it will ensure your home stays safe and damage free. Our exceptional concrete services in Illinois will help you repair slabs on your driveway, sidewalks, interior floor, porches, stoops, pool decks, and patios.

Why Does Concrete Settle?

Concrete can settle for a variety of reasons, and it is essential to fix the problem as soon as you can. Many homeowners will make the mistake of waiting until it is much worse, which can leave your home at risk for all sorts of hazards. Below are some of the causes of settling and sinking concrete slabs.

  • Poor soil conditions: Clay-rich soils will expand and contract as their moisture content changes. As soil becomes more saturated with water, the clay will expand and lose its strength. This allows slabs to sink, just as if you were standing in wet mud. Sinking clay can be caused by heavy rain, melting snow, or leaks in the plumbing.
  • Poor compaction: Many homes are built on backfilled soils, but if it is not compacted correctly, the backfill will begin to compact on its own over time. This slow process will result in uneven compaction, which will allow your concrete slabs to settle and not be as even as they were initially.
  • Tree roots: Trees and large shrubs take in up to thirty gallons of water per day. If they are located near the concrete in your home, the loss of water in the soil can make it contract, causing your slabs to settle and become uneven.
  • Poor drainage: Improper drainage can cause the soil to become unstable. Poor draining can be caused by anything from the local environment to a misplaced downspout during the building process. This instability will create areas of saturated soil, causing your slabs to settle.

How Does Concrete Raising in Illinois Work?

The primary method used to raise settled concrete is Polyurethane Foam Concrete Raising in Illinois. This method injects a two-part mixture that reacts and expands into a lightweight material. The expanding element can then fill voids, support, and raise the concrete slab.

Polyurethane concrete raising in Illinois will provide consistency, and the material is suitable for many different applications. This concrete raising process is eco-friendly, D.O.T. compliant, and can be completed by only one person, making this a quick and easy job that doesn’t interfere with your daily life.

Why Raising Your Slab is better than Replacing It

  • Safety: An uneven slab on your property is a significant trip hazard that can harm you and your family. It also causes the property to be open to unwanted liability. By raising your slab, you can ensure this hazard is resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost: You can raise your concrete slab for less than half the price it would cost to replace the entire thing!
  • Time: The longer you let your uneven concrete go unrepaired, the worse it will become over time. Fix it now by raising it and avoid the hassle down the line. Polyurethane concrete raising in Illinois only takes a few hours to complete, and there is no wait time for the material to dry or settle.
  • Appearance: By raising your sunken slab, you can improve the appearance of your outdoor area, whether it is your driveway, pool patio, or sidewalk.
  • Value: If you ever want to sell your home, the first appearance is everything, and uneven concrete slabs can be a real eye-sore for potential buyers.
  • Damage: When you leave a sunken slab unrepaired, you subject your home to both structural and water damage. When a slab settles, the doors, windows, and other structures connected to the slab could crack and settle as well. Water is also able to easily slip through the cracks of these uneven slabs, resulting in mold, mildew, and other damage impacting your home.
  • Eco-Friendly: When you opt to raise your concrete slab instead of replacing it, you are sparing your current slab from being ripped out and ending up in a landfill.

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