Basement Laundry Upgrade

Let’s face it – laundry isn’t anyone’s favorite chore. The clothes piles seem to grow and grow, no matter how many loads you do. Then, even when you do manage to get them in the washer, half the time you forget to toss them in the dryer. While there isn’t anything we can do that’s going to change any of that, you can make the process slightly more enjoyable with a chic updated laundry space.

Here are some ideas for easy, low-budget laundry room renovations tips to get you started.

 Lighting: Brighten your space and make it more modern and stylish with upgraded lighting.

Extra Space: Just because you don’t have room for cabinets doesn’t mean you can’t have storage space. Add floating shelves or a unit fastened to the back of the door to store your laundry essentials.

Cabinet Upgrade: If you’re lucky enough to have cabinet space in your laundry room it’s a great space saver to retrofit lower cabinets with laundry baskets.

Folding Table: Having a stacked washer and dryer means no designated spot for folding clothes. Installing a wall mounted folding table is the perfect solution.

Water Problems? If your laundry room is located in the basement, it’s import for the safety of your appliances that it’s not a damp, wet place. If basement water issues become a problem you’ll want the expertise of a company specializing in basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Lake County, IL.

Improving the look and efficiency of your laundry room space won’t make the clothes wash themselves, but at least it won’t seem like the chore that it is.