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Concrete Raising vs. Concrete Replacing

We’re hard-wired to believe new is best, but when it comes to sinking slabs of concrete, raising is actually preferred. Assuming the driveway, patio, or front porch concrete isn’t majorly damaged, the offending concrete simply needs a boost back to its original spot.

Concrete can settle for a variety of reasons. Poor soil conditions, improper compaction, tree roots and poor drainage will allow your concrete slabs to settle and not be as even as they were initially. Concrete raising, also known as slabjacking or leveling, through the lifting process, returns the slab to an even and stable position.

Still unsure why you should raise instead of replace sagging concrete? Take these points into consideration when making your decision.

Less Cost & Labor Intensive: Concrete slab replacement costs two to three times more than concrete raising. And, since replacing the slab doesn’t stabilize the soil foundation the way raising does, you may find yourself faced with a cracked or unsettled slab again in the future. Concrete raising lowers your overall costs, sometimes by up to 50% than replacing the same concrete slabs, and is exponentially quicker.

Fast & Easy: Removing a slab and replacing it with a new one creates a lot of noise, dust and dirt. Concrete raising, however, is a much cleaner process that leaves no waste behind. It is also faster and more convenient than replacement too, with most projects taking between 1-3 hours. After the work is completed, the area is ready for use.

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Raising Concrete Instead of Replacing


Do you have a front porch, driveway, or patio slab that is uneven due to settling and needs fixing? If your home has sunken or settled slabs of concrete, it’s time to raise them, not replace them. While you might have assumed replacement was the only way to fix the problem, we’re here to tell you that Polyurethane concrete raising in Illinois is the cost-effective alternative.

Fixing uneven concrete is more than just improving the aesthetic of your home; it’s also a safety measure. Uneven concrete is a liability hazard and can result in preventable injuries. Plus, if you’re selling your home, first impressions go a long way in making the sale. A slouching or slanting sidewalk or driveway can really turn off a potential buyer.

Replacing a concrete slab will always be more expensive and time consuming than raising and repairing it. Concrete lifting is the preferred method of repairing any damaged concrete surface, including driveways, steps, patios, sidewalks and garage floors.

The primary method used to raise settled concrete is Polyurethane foam concrete. This method injects a two-part mixture that reacts and expands into a lightweight material. The expanding element can then fill voids, support, and raise the concrete slab. This is a quick and easy job in comparison to replacement, meaning it won’t displace you from your home or interrupt your daily life.

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