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Four Causes of Foundation Cracks

The foundation of your home is THE most important part of your dwelling. Without it, there is no home. Your entire house sits on top of it! A good foundation must be strong as well as durable in order to support your home for a very long time.

Whether your home is a few months old, years old, or decades old, minor cracks are to be expected as the home settles and the ground underneath shifts. However, cracks to your home’s foundation are not to be overlooked. It’s important to have a professional check out the problem to determine if the cracks are surface blemishes or a larger problem. Gaping cracks, separation and horizontal crack lines can be signs that the issues are more severe then surface problems.

Below we’ll talk about some of the most common causes of cracking that effect your home’s stability.

Water: Water pressure is one of the most common causes for cracking and bowing concrete. It can push upwards, or push laterally against a wall, especially in colder climates. Once it’s cracked, it can begin to move with changes in the seasons.

Roots: Trees and some bushes can grow roots that exert huge pressures on foundation walls, whether it’s a crawlspace or basement.

Age: Time breaks down just about everything, including your foundation walls. Settling, shifting, expansive soils and outside pressures can cut into its longevity.

Deterioration: People expect their roof to need replacing or to re-side their home, but they often don’t think about their home’s foundation. The coatings put on the walls can break down over time, allowing water to come in contact with the concrete. Once that happens, the water begins to affect the strength of the concrete.

All of these signs of deterioration, which leads to cracking, can and will overtime allow water to enter your home. For foundation repair in Illinios, our top quality waterproof sealer provides a full sealing for your foundation. Contact us today to request an estimate for our exterior foundation wall repair services.


The Advantage of Using a Sump Pump

For an especially wet basement or crawlspace, you’re likely aware of the significance of installing a sump pump in your home. If you’re unsure of its purpose read more in our blog post, Waterproofing with a Sump Pump.

A sump pump is a rather inexpensive insurance policy to ensure your home stays dry. No one wants a wet basement, which ruins your belongs, can easily damage your home’s foundation, as well as lead to mold problems. Those are all reason enough to invest in a sump pump for a basement that regularly takes on water.

Need a little more convincing that a sump pump is the right solution for your home? Here’s a list of advantages that will surely help you make your decision.

Keep electrical appliances safe – Not only can standing water cause wire damage to your electrical appliances, which would require repair or replacement, but standing water can also result in an electrical fire.

Prevent mold and mildew – Mold and mildew form and grow as a result of standing water. They can cause both structural damage as well as health issues. Sump pumps eliminate the problem of standing water, thereby helping to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Prevent insect and pest infestations – Basements that are damp are a breeding ground for insects and pests, so by using a sump pump, you’ll help to prevent possible infestations.

Is your home in the Chicagoland area in need of sump pump waterproofing services? At A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing our team of experienced contractors is ready to get to work for you!  Schedule a free estimate and consultation today by calling us at (847) 525-7394.


Waterproofing with a Sump Pump

Does your basement take on water in the winter or after an especially heavy rainfall? Whether your basement is finished and used as living space, or is unfinished and primarily used as storage, a dry basement is important.

Waterproofing is an easy and effective way to ensure your home is free of water and the damage it leaves behind. So what’s the best solution to ensuring there’s no water accumulation in your basement? The answer is a sump pump.

Sump pumps are used when basement flooding happens regularly and to solve dampness where the water table is above the foundation of a home.  A sump pump is a small pump installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. Its job is to help keep the area dry and to prevent it from flooding. Pumps are submersible electric pumps that sit in a hole in the lowest corner of the basement or crawlspace. In the event of a flood, the water will drain directly into the pit. Once the water reaches a predetermined level, the pump automatically kicks on and pumps the water into an indoor drain or outdoors to a storm drain.

Without a working sump pump, basements can become severely flooded, resulting in damage to drywall, flooring, furniture, appliances, or stored items. Even without flood conditions, sump pumps reduce the dampness that can lead to mold and mildew.

For sump pump service in Illinois, including sump pump repairs and battery backup, call on the experienced team at A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing. We’re happy to come out and inspect your home and offer a free service estimate.

Benefits of Waterproofing in the summer

beautiful home and clear blue skiesWaterproofing your home can be an excellent want to protect your structure and property from water damage throughout the year. When it comes to waterproofing exterior foundation walls, summer can be one of the best times to get the job taken care of. At A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing, we provide exceptional waterproofing and foundation repair services to residents of the Island Lake, IL area. Below are just a few reasons as to why summer is the best waterproofing season.

Excellent Working Conditions– With summer weather comes gorgeous days and clear blue skies. These make for some of the best working conditions, as hot and dry conditions allow the work to properly progress and settle quickly.

Speeds up Treatments– Certain waterproofing methods can take a long time to dry, but the warm and clear conditions of the summer weather only speed up the drying process. Prolonged rain or snow, like we see in the spring and winter, can slow down the curing time and decrease the waterproofing effectiveness, so summer weather is perfect for an efficient job to be completed.

If you’re interested in waterproofing the exterior foundation walls of your home, look to A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing for high quality services. Schedule a free estimate and consultation today by calling us at (847) 525-7394.